Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a Sound Frequency modality of Energy Medicine which uses medical grade tuning forks on and around the physical body(AKA the Biofield).


Our physical bodies can become disharmonious due to: trauma, toxic lifestyle choices, harmful beliefs, negative self-talk, and our unresolved stuck emotions (guilt, shame, anger, resentment etc). Much like tuning a musical instrument that’s gone “off key,” the tonal frequencies act on our body, mind & emotions by first discovering our energetic dissonance before entraining this dissonance back into balance & harmony. The deliberate, steady, pulsation of the forks acts like a metronome recalibrating our systems, eventually clearing the layer of static we’re encountering, and bringing us back closer to our healthy and natural state of wellbeing. 


Listening to the tonal feedback of the tuning forks and moving them through your auric field in specific ways begins to shift stagnant energy. Once a coherent sound is reached, the discordance is harmonised. This “tuning” process is like a recalibration. It feels like you’ve taken sonic vitamins or simply a sound bath in your own resonant frequencies. The process can bring you into greater alignment, harmony and well-being.

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