Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK)

NLK is a relatively new modality that is starting to gain significant impression in the complementary medicine world. 


NLK was developed by kinesiologist Wendy Bennett and incorporates all the traditional aspects of kinesiology together with a therapy called Neuro Linguistic Programming. Its aim is to help a person to become aware of the changes that they require in a specific and measurable way. It is a way to improve performance in any area of a person’s life and is supported by a program that can effectively and easily be used at work or at home.


Each consultation is customised to suit the unique needs of each client by using non-invasive energetic healing science. Using a combination of ancient, eastern science and western muscle monitoring, and balancing, an NLK session will use your body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and health to neurological and physiological function.

As a holistic healing technique that looks at all aspects of your health, Kinesiology is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology and is the science of energy balancing. During a session with Marita, she will combine muscle monitoring, to assess your energy and body functions. She will looks at the different energy flows of your body using gentle body movements, muscle manipulations and acupressure to see where the stresses lie.
The aim is to help you develop positive habits, discover and choose what is significant to your life, become aware of and then change self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, create a life of awareness, and to experience emotional wellbeing.