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Our Team


Dr John-Paul Lo Giudice - Osteopath​ 



​JP, a self-proclaimed “science nerd,” is passionate about the human body and all things science/health related.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science & Masters of Osteopathic Medicine from Southern Cross University. 


JP has an interest in treating patients across all walks of life, from babies, to the elderly, to professional sportspeople, and will adapt his treatments accordingly.  It is the variety of the patients that inspires him. He is enlivened by the challenge of finding the right treatment for each patient, as each patient is a unique puzzle.  

JP has completed a wide array of post-graduate courses and seminars to help enhance his osteopathic skill-set.  These include:

  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

  • Biodynamic Osteopathy- Biodynamics Level 1 and 2

  • Certified Prokinetics practitioner with Dr. George Stylian.

  • Practical Paediatrics with leading Osteopath Dr. Jonathan Evans.

  • Sports taping

  • Rule of the Artery- Level 1, 2 & 3 with renowned Osteopath Dr. Maxwell Fravell. 

As well as practising osteopathy at Grassroots Healthcare Canungra, he also teaches Osteopathy, Human Anatomy & Physiology at Southern Cross University. Outside of work, he enjoys wood turning, golf, squash, bush walking & tending to his vegie garden.  He is also an avid armchair sportsman and quite handy in the kitchen.


Dr Samantha Lo Giudice - Osteopath 



Sammy was drawn to become an osteopath due to her fascination and respect for the human body. Since graduating from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science & Masters of Osteopathy in 2003 she has worked in health clinics on the Gold Coast and in the Northern Rivers. 


Sammy is a committed and compassionate osteopath who tailors her treatments to suit the individual needs of each patient. By utilising a range of techniques Sammy is able to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Outside osteopathy, Sammy enjoys yoga, gardening, steiner wool craft, cooking and spending time with her family & friends.

Sammy has completed a number of seminars and courses which have added to her depth of experience. Some of the post-graduate courses she has completed include:

  • Craniosacral Osteopathy- Upledger Institute

  • Balanced Ligamentous Tension with leading Osteopath Dr. Jonathan Evans 

  • Practical Paediatrics- with Dr. Jonathan Evans - Osteopath

  • Biodynamics - Level 1

  • Rule of the Artery - Level 1, 2 & 3- with Dr. Maxwell Fravell - Osteopath

  • After Breast Cancer - with Dr Amanda Hannaford- Osteopath

    • capable of providing osteopathic care and treatment to:
      ⭐️breast scar tissues
      ⭐️capsular contracture
      ⭐️cording (auxiliary web syndrome)
      ⭐️post lumpectomy/ mastectomy
      ⭐️post- radiation & chemo.​



Dr. Jati Bean - Osteopath 



Jati graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science which included a double major in Osteopathic Studies;

Human Structure and Function and a Masters of Osteopathy.


Jati is deeply passionate about Osteopathy, his greatest joy is to facilitate healing in patients as they journey towards health and wellness. He maintains a keen interested in cranial osteopathy and continues to undertake study and research in this area. Jati believes that an Osteopath is a student in the university of the infinite.


Jati has a special interest in paediatrics and has returned to the Gold Coast after spending time in the ACT at Canberra Osteopathic Centre. Where he worked along-side world renowned Osteopathic Practitioners Dr Catherine McDonald, Maxwell Fraval and Jared Palpratt.


Jati has played high-level sports for most of his life and understands the impact injuries can have on performance. He has worked with athletes ranging from surfers, bodybuilder, golfers, basketball and football players.


Dr. Bonnie Williamson - Osteopath



Bonnie is a dedicated healthcare professional with a Masters in Osteopathy from Southern Cross University. She brings a wealth of experience and a holistic approach to her practice, with a foundation in remedial massage therapy since 2012.

Bonnie views her role as a mediation between the body and mind, tailoring treatments to align with individual health goals. She enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of patients, with particular interest in paediatric, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as both acute and chronic pain management.

She is committed to ongoing education assisting her to stay at the forefront of the field, integrating evidence-based approaches into her care. Bonnie lives to care for others and is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the body’s natural movements.

Her treatments incorporate somatic awareness, strengthening, and stretching practices. Treatment goals are directed to not only to relieve pain but to empower individuals with the knowledge to manage their well-being effectively.

Outside of her professional life, Bonnie finds joy in nature walks, cooking, and sustainable living, as well as sharing these joys with her two young children. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded perspective that enriches her approach to health and wellness.

Bonnie looks forward to the opportunity to partner with individuals on their health journeys, assisting the reconnection to self to promote optimal health and well-being.



Simon Want - Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist



Simon has been in private practice as an acupuncturist for 10 years. He began by studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Griffith University, because he believes it is important to use Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with a firm grounding in the science of how the body works.

Simon completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) in 2013, and went straight into practice. He elected to also undertake further studies, doing a Masters of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) at RMIT University, which he completed in 2016 and has been practicing as a Chinese herbalist ever since.

In 2018, Simon began lecturing at Endeavour College of Natural Health at their Gold Coast campus. He has continued to be quite involved with lecturing and clinic supervision with the college to this day.

Simon’s treatments focus on combining the latest in well researched acupuncture protocols together with ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine that has been past down over thousands of years.

In his 10 years of private practice he has gained much experience in the treatment of musculo-skeletal complaints. He also has treated and gained interest in the treatment of stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches, digestive health, fertility, support during pregnancy and women’s/men’s health.

Simon is registered with private health insurance companies and also offers treatment for return to work injuries with WorkCover Queensland.

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