Our Team

Dr John-Paul Lo Giudice - Osteopath​ 



​JP, a self-proclaimed “science nerd,” is passionate about the human body and all things science/health related.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science & Masters of Osteopathic Medicine from Southern Cross University. 


JP has an interest in treating patients across all walks of life, from babies, to the elderly, to professional sportspeople, and will adapt his treatments accordingly.  It is the variety of the patients that inspires him. He is enlivened by the challenge of finding the right treatment for each patient, as each patient is a unique puzzle.  

JP has completed a wide array of post-graduate courses and seminars to help enhance his osteopathic skill-set.  These include:

  • Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

  • Biodynamic Osteopathy

  • Certified Prokinetics practitioner

  • Practical Pediatrics

  • Sports taping

As well as practising osteopathy at Grassroots Healthcare Canungra, he also teaches Osteopathy, Human Anatomy & Physiology at Southern Cross University. Outside of work, he enjoys golf, squash, yoga, bush walking with his family, tending to his vegie garden, and working at his organic fruit orchard.  He is also an avid armchair sportsman and quite handy in the kitchen.

Dr Samantha Lo Giudice - Osteopath 



Samantha was drawn to become an osteopath due to her fascination and respect for the human body. Since graduating from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science & Masters of Osteopathy she has worked in health clinics on the Gold Coast and in the Northern Rivers.  Samantha is a committed and compassionate osteopath who tailors her treatments to suit the individual needs of each patient. By utilising a range of techniques Samantha is able to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Outside osteopathy, Samantha enjoys yoga, Pilates, gardening and spending time with her family.

Samantha has completed a number of seminars and courses which have added to her depth of experience. Some of the post-graduate courses she has completed include:

  • Craniosacral Therapy - Upledger Institute

  • Balanced Ligamentous Tension

  • Practical Paediatrics

  • Biodynamics


Dr Zoe Mathieu - Osteopath



Zoe has always known that she wanted to help people work towards health and well-being. Zoe had her first osteopathy treatment when she was still at school. The values and philosophy of osteopathy deeply resonated with her. She really understood that osteopathy offered a lens to view the body as an interconnected system and that it offered a respectful approach toward a path of healing. She was captivated. And now as an osteopath her approach with patients is aligned with these understandings she first encountered many years ago.


Zoe is a compassionate person and enjoys taking the time with each of her patients to figure out how best to get them feeling better.  

She completed her five years of study at Southern Cross University and graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Master of Osteopathic Medicine. This ensures that she is able to safely and accurately diagnose and treat her patients.  

Zoe realizes that every situation/person is unique and will adjust her treatments accordingly - whether that’s a firm, direct treatment or a gentler approach depending on what is best suited.  


Dr Jati Bean - Osteopath (B.CLIN SC.,M.OST.MED,.BCA)


Jati is deeply passionate about Osteopathy, his greatest joy is to facilitate healing in patients as they journey towards health and wellness. He maintains a keen interest in cranial osteopathy and continues to undertake study and research in this area. Jati believes that an Osteopath is a student in the university of the infinite. 


Jati has a special interest in paediatrics and has returned to the Gold Coast after spending time in the ACT at Canberra Osteopathic Centre. Where he worked along-side world renowned Osteopathic Practitioners Dr Catherine McDonald, Maxwell Fraval and Jared Palpratt. 


Jati has played high-level sports for most of his life and understands the impact injuries can have on performance. He has worked with athletes ranging from surfers, bodybuilder, golfers, basketball and football players.

Jati graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science which included a double major in Osteopathic Studies;

Human Structure and Function and a Masters of Osteopathy.

Janna Kremez-226_cropped.jpg

Janna Kremez - Myofunctional Therapist

Certified Specialist in Orofacial Myology (CSOM) & 

Breathing Educator (Buteyko method and Integrative Breathing Therapy)

Janna dedicated her practice to helping people improve their breathing and oral function. She applies her extensive knowledge in the field of breathing physiology and orofacial myology (aka orofacial myofunctional therapy), the path she started in 2010. She learnt from many renowned practitioners in this field, such as Dr Chris Farrell (the inventor of Myobrace), Prof Sandra Coulson, Patrick McKeown, Roger Price, Dr Rosalba Courtney as well as learning Buteyko method in the original language directly from Dr Mikhaylo Khrustavka, who was taught by Professor Buteyko's himself in his home country.

​Janna’s programs are always tailored to her individual client’s needs, be it to assist in addressing mouth breathing, chronic nasal congestion, abnormal breathing during sleep (such as snoring, noisy or irregular breathing), problems with tongue posture/function (such as tongue thrust or low tongue posture), or thumb/finger/pacifier sucking and other oral habits that cause the misalignment of teeth and deformed jaws. She can also assist clients with head and neck trauma, TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction, trichotillomania, and post stroke and Bell’s palsy facial muscle rehabilitation.

Janna uses educational capnography to support her clients’ change of breathing behaviour and a wide variety of tools used in myofunctional therapy, such as intra-oral myofunctional appliances (e.g. Myomunchee) and other techniques and instruments to assist in restoring oral function.

To learn more about Janna, please visit her website here https://funbe.com.au

L. Pattugalan - Profile.png

Leanne Pattugalan - Remedial Massage Therapist &

Reiki Practitioner

(Dip. Remedial Massage) (Reiki II)


Working from the heart, and with over 13 years experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Leanne strives to improve the physical, spiritual & emotional wellbeing of each client. Her treatments are individually tailored, and informed by an understanding of both physiology, as well as emotional energy.


With experience in a range of massage styles including Remedial, Swedish, Sports, Myofascial & Pregnancy massage, she also offers unique therapeutic experiences such as Hot Stone massage, Chinese cupping & Ear candling.


As an alternative healer, she incorporates Reiki, Emotional healing, Crystal therapy & Aromatherapy into her sessions. With a warm, caring nature & an ability to connect and empathise with others, Leanne will assist you in discovering the depths of your own inner strengths.




Alison & Maddi - Receptionists

These smiling faces are the first port of call in you shifting toward optimal health at Grassroots Healthcare. Alison & Maddi will provide you a warm welcome, a chat over a cuppa in our comfortable waiting room and a stress free experience from start to finish.


On top of this, these ladies are an essential part of our practitioners' health by keeping them organised and on track. This means our practitioner team can all stick to doing what they do best- Osteopathy, Massage or Orofacial Myology (& Breathing Education). Alison & Maddi play an integral role in the grace and ease at Grassroots Healthcare.